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Although I wasn't breaking out in spots, my skin felt as greasy as the food on my plate. Over halfway through my mission, my life was revolving around finding junk food.

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And fast food is quick but it definitely isn't convenient. I was spending a huge chunk of my day running around London to reach my greasy destinations, on one occasion travelling more than three stops on the Tube just to pick up lunch. Day three: Fish and chips with mushy peas for dinner - but Phoebe is starting to feel the effects of the diet.

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Day four: McDonald's breakfast of egg and sausage McMuffin with a latte and hash brown right and a Subway sandwich for lunch left. The skin on Phoebe's glabella - the skin between the eyebrows and forehead - is pictured before left and after when it starts to apppear more oil right. Day five: By day six, my energy levels were at an all time low. I tried to get any sort of vegetables where I could, but the options were limited and surprisingly my meat feast diet wasn't actually filling me up. On top of that my experiment was making me really anti-social.

I couldn't just meet with friends for brunch at the weekend or for dinner after work. After all what self-respecting grown up wants to dine in a fast food joint? One particularly painful night I was forced to watch my friends eat their delicious-looking restaurant meals before sloping home for my pizza delivery.

Pizza Hut delivery, left, and day six, a sausage sandwich for breakfast from Starbucks on day six. Day six: Phoebe finds the KFC burrito surprisingly tasty and perks up, although the challenge has become a struggle. By the end of the week, I was far from myself. My concentration levels were much lower than usual and my fatigue was a real issue, even after a long night's sleep. It was a real effort to stay switched on at work and I found myself getting irritable and impatient. What's more I'd come to dread mealtimes and the limp offerings, sitting sorrily in their greasy cardboard packages.

My skin was slippery and my hair needed washing more often - all pretty shocking after just seven days of junk food. With such an obvious change in my energy levels and my appearance, I couldn't help worrying about the impact on my health. Was it possible that my diet had already done long-term damage to my body? Unsurprisingly, when I returned to the Santi Clinic, the results weren't pretty. My body fat had increased from 23 per cent to 25 per cent - taking me above the normal threshold of Nutritional therapist Lelani Loubser at Santi skin lab said: That explained why I'd been feeling so lousy.

Dominos Margarita pizza with just olives on top gives Phoebe a break from the meat-filled week. Day seven: On the home stretch, Phoebe has Burger King chicken nuggets and fries at her desk.

pop will eat itself - Pop Will Eat Itself

One surprise came in the dermatology results which showed my skin was actually more hydrated. But specialist Tariq Karim explained that it was only superficial hydration because my skin was so oily.

In reality, I was now losing water from my skin much more rapidly at an increase of 27 per cent. Karim also took microscopic images of the skin on my forehead and the glabella, the patch between my eyebrows, during the tests.

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