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In order to get this working, you will need access to a real Mac in order to download High Sierra. Unmount the image:. Copy it to your Windows machine using a large flash drive, an external hard drive, or over your local network. Continue through the process. Choose VDI for hard disk type and click Next. Click Next.

No, seriously: You need to run a number commands, in order.

How to Install macOS Sierra 10.12 on VirtualBox?

Paste the following commands, pressing Enter after each one and waiting for it to complete:. Go ahead and close the Command Prompt. You should only worry if a specific error hangs for five minutes or more.

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Just walk away and let it run for a bit. You should now see your empty virtual drive in the sidebar. The installation will begin! This might take a while, so be patient.

Eventually your virtual machine will restart and take you…back to the installer. At this point the installer has copied files onto the virtual hard drive, and expects to boot from there.

Step Two: Create Your Virtual Machine in VirtualBox

Turn off your virtual machine and open its settings. Click the virtual machine and allow it to capture you mouse and keyboard, then type fs1: This will switch directories to FS1, where the rest of the installer is located. The installer will pick up where it left off. Eventually the virtual machine will reboot again, this time into macOS High Sierra. Clone this repo to your machine.

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Start the VM, and wait for the macOS installer to boot. Open Disk Utility, from the View menu enable the option to "Show all devices", and erase the VirtualBox hard disk image. Quit Disk Utility, and install macOS to the newly initialized hard drive. When the installer completes, reboot.

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Enter the following at the EFI prompt to boot macOS from the virtual hard drive and finish installation: You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session.

Download macOS Mojave VMware & VirtualBox Image - Latest Version

You signed out in another tab or window. Press h to open a hovercard with more details. Ignore all. Oct 10, Add license and readme.

Installing Mac OS X Virtual Machine on VirtualBox

Update readme. Add script to create bootable install ISO. Update VM extra settings via the command line.

How To Get Your Virtual Machine (Mac OS Guest) Full Screen On VirtualBox