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A popup confirmation message will appear on the screen and the Google Chromecast icon will appear in the toolbar of the Chrome browser on your Mac. Click the cast icon in the Chrome browser toolbar to enable the cast extension. The contents of the Chrome browser tab will show on your big screen TV. You can select to stream a specific browser tab or the entire screen. Amazon Fire TV. Roku Streaming Stick. Fire TV Cube.

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Please note that this list varies in some countries. You can test this out by visiting YouTube for example, you will notice the cast icon directly in the video. However there are free apps with the same features of VLC available that will help you cast files from your Mac to Chromecast. We do not have a list in this article as there are many options available and they change frequently.

You can also drag and drop most media files into Google Chrome to play them in the browser. When streaming videos from Google Chrome on Mac to your Google Chromecast you will notice that the quality varies greatly. Sites that have native support are ones such as YouTube and Netflix where the icon appears in the video player on the site and not in the toolbar of Google Chrome.

When direct streaming media your computer only instructs the Chromecast to stream the media but does not actually stream all of the media to the Chromecast. This results in far superior quality video than streaming browser tabs and fullscreen on your Mac. You can find quite a few Google Chrome Extensions which also mac it possible to direct stream sites that do not have native support. You can get your lost videos or images back using Disk Drill and stream them from Mac to Chromecast. Disk Drill is a user-friendly data recovery tool for Mac users that will help to recover lost or deleted files including photos, videos, music, and vital business documents.

With the help of this recovery tool, you can restore your lost memories and cast them from your Mac. Disk Drill also features many free features such as a duplicate file finder which helps locate and remove duplicate files thus freeing up more space on your Mac. Other great extra tools such as disk health, Mac cleanup, recovery drive, data protection and backup available for free with Disk Drill. Simple, Disk Drill works very well.

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It recovers all well-known file formats and over other file types in total. Disk Drill can recover just about any file you have lost with multiple advanced recovery methods including Deep Scan. With support for all major devices Disk Drill is a one stop solution for getting back lost files such as videos. Disk Drill can also scan mobile devices, memory cards and just about anything else that your Mac computer can detect and read.

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Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery help to ensure your files are safe from future data loss and protect your chances of success recovery should the inevitable occur. Pro Tip: It looks it, but then when you open the app you need to activate it to play more than 20 minutes. Ridiculous that this isn't mentioned! It played an. My phone immediatly had a mini remote in the notifications screen, then as I was playing an XVID encoded. But it recognized that they were unplayable files and didn't crash the stream. Nice work on the app guys!

Plex is awesome ,but so involved. Thanks for the recommendation ,wish I had seen this a year ago! I am just at a point where I am done with giving apple my money. Got a chrome cast 2 today because I want to have the features of an apple tv, and used airflow which works great. The only time it doesn't work the greatest is when you're loading Blu-ray movie files through it that are essentially above GB.

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I found it worked perfectly for everything under that, but over it was buffering slow. This may also have been because my network strength is at about half at this part of my condo so hoping it's better in the new place. The only thing you lose is games from apple tv vs chromecast, but I have a ps4 already for that so I don't see a point.

The new version of Google Home app is really good and has tons of apps available that work with the cast and almost replace all of the apple tv features entirely. I found Airflow was buffering quite a bit. I'm more than happy with their service and will continue to use it. I do not want to cast videos or music or photos. Not a browser window, the actual desktop where I can edit files on my hard drive using programs installed on my computer.

I have a mac and a chromecast and they are on the same network.

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In the Chromecast extension for Chrome: If you click on the icon on the toolbar, in the top right corner of the popup, there's a very tiny drop down arrow. Thanks for this very interesting post. I just bought my self a Chromecast today, for my bedroom TV mostly for netflix. For now I have only tried Videostream to play local video.

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I also have an apple tv in my living room for the apple tv of a lot more features Games, VOD, screen mirroring on both mac and Iphone, and Sound sharing. And it real time HD screen mirroring. For my AppleTv is really easier and works perfectly with both iPhone and Mac. But Chromecast is cheaper and handy for netflix. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter.

Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. Great article btw, it made me decide to go through with getting a CC2. Thanks for the great article and be sure to support developers! Thanks for this cool Airflow tip! It's a real nice well functioning and easy to use program!! Glad you liked it: I'm a big fan of the app now.

Gabe's method is best for that. Give AirParrot 2 a go, you won't be disappointed! Scroll down for the next article. Chromecast vs. Chromecast Ultra vs. Apple TV 4K vs.

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