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Two verses of guitar solo follow the two sung verses, which is then succeeded by another verse, before moving into a modified version of the "Gypsy Queen" section from the beginning of the song, to end the piece. There is also a single edit that runs for 3: On the radio the piano solo is sometimes omitted while "Gypsy Queen" is almost always omitted, whilst other longer versions have since been released, including one which runs for 8: Read more on Last. To keep the connection alive, please click on the "Continue" button below or the stream will stop.

The stream was stopped connection time out occurred. To listen again to the live stream, please click on the "Listen" button below. Riposa in pace, fratello" noblevibes. What we hear is predominantly Am7 wurli. But as others have pointed out, you can hear a splash of A7 as well probably rhodes or guitar. Both play at the same time, no doubt, but balanced so that it's only a hint of a 7 9.

I case someone wants an actual answer to the actual question.. I hear no b10 fitting in, an I'm used to playing such Hendrix chords for decades.

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Often I hear an Asus sus4 i mean , in some cases indeed with a 7, and at times i can play a normal 9 in there without feeling wrong, I don't know if it actually "is" there. Notice that the main D chord changes from minor to major during the song, so it isn't unlikely the other chords vary, too. Originally Posted By: Theo Verelst. I hear no b10 fitting in I intend to do battle with them and slay them. Actually, I thought that was one of Theo's more lucid comments, apart from the B10 thing. I actually got the rest of it. Our new video at https: Eliot's "Prufrock" - check it out!

Black Magic Woman from Ultimate Santana by Santana - The Fox

He's commenting on the A7 9 suggestion by Bernmeister. In the Netherlands the 9 is often referred to as the b Sounds like minor to me.

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Listen carefully to the very first A in the vocal verse from the Abraxas version. It's on a Wurli; he rocks from root to a triad of C, C , and G. The C is played lighter than the C, but it's there: The second one is similar but he rides harder on the C , giving it more of a dominant feel. You could definitely substitute an A7 9 here, and A7 works too. Listen through the rest and he uses the same harmonics, though with different ways of playing the chord e. During the guitar solo I think he omits the minor 3rd, but I'm not quite sure. I think you can get away with playing it either way, as long as the rest of the band is consistent esp with two guitarists.

With a 2nd guitarist, I'd probably omit the 3 altogether, many times. If I were to pick a definite way, I'd go minor on the first and dominant on the second. Cantabile 3 VST Host. I always play Am7. Of course, I'm usually playing bass so it doesn't matter so much If I'm playing with others on a chordal instrument and they play the A7, I play that.

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Clearly, Carlos learned the song wrong. Those guitar players, always playing the wrong chords I voted minor. Funny I just played this one this Sunday morning outside in a tent at a charity walk. I just pulled it up and re-listened to it and the very first incarnation of the V chord on the organ has the C on top and does not have the "tang" of a raised ninth chord. The first V chord I hear when electric piano comes in is Am7 with the G on top.

Then again, when I listened to this particular section several times there may have been a tri-tone in there very faint.

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I was listening to the file on Transcribe. I forwarded it to the very beginning of the lead solo after the first verse. Think I'll stick with the minor for now, although my interest to listen to this one closer has been piqued. Love these kind of threads. Much rather quibble about actual notes than who's clone sound is better. I usually leave out the 3 of the chord until I hear what everyone else is doing, then drop in the appropriate note.

I've always heard it as A7. Funny about guitar players treating thirds as a non-issue. I was in a band once who had just added keyboards for the first time - and you could hear a blues tune going either way - major or minor - could have worked. But keyboard players have to know So I asked the guitar player what he was playing and he pondered a minute, and said, "uh, it's an A - Non-Committal.

Suprised I haven't seen this come up yet: Sounds right to me. Gotta love some watered down simulated Otis Rush. Or not. Regardless, I'd probably play it either minor the first and dominant the second, or dominant both times. Not a huge fan of minor V chords in general, although in this case it makes a little more sense to me mid verse rather than at the turnaround.

Black Magic Woman (orig Peter Green/Fleetwood Mac) version

There's a reason for the harmonic minor scale - to provide a construct for harmony in a minor key. In general I agree with Kanker. I mean improvise. So can a auto Mechanic. Daddyg,I'm hearing and playing those last A's in the Gypsy Queen outro as a straight A major triad without the seventh. A in root position sliding into the D in second inversion. Since Peter Green wrote the song, we should ask him!

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Although he seems happy to play the minor chord I say forget about playing this song anymore Although the dom 7th sounds best there it's actually a minor chord. Occasionally someone will throw in the 3rd for spice. I say use whatever sounds best at the time. Previous Topic Index Next Topic. Hop to: