Turn on home sharing on mac air


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You can select songs, play, stop and adjust volume and more.

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The music plays from your computer, the iPhone controls it. It would be nice to have a solution where you can listen to any songs from any computer at any time without having to manually copy them to your computer or iPhone. In the setup process iTunes match takes 3 steps. First, iTunes will scan your entire iTunes library. My library has approximately songs and this step took 6 minutes.

How to enable Home Sharing on Mac and iOS devices

All the songs that were on the Apple server are now available:. In the last step iTunes uploads all the songs from your computer to the iTunes cloud server that it cannot find on its cloud server. This last step took hours and hours.

There was approx 7 Gig of data in total uploaded! Now you need to go to your iOS device and turn on iTunes Match.

Why Is iTunes Not Sharing With iPad?

Songs are no longer lossless, even if they were lossless on your home computer. The first time you play a song there can be a second delay while the song starts streaming, depending on how good your network is.

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  • If you skip forward on the song with the playback slider there can be a delay while it starts streaming again. Once you listen to a song it seems to stay on your iOS device and it plays straight away next time. This is a major problem for people in rural areas.

    Fixing problem with Home Sharing

    Not all songs are eligible for iCloud. I am tempted to give it a try for a year, especially for the convenience of having all my music in the cloud. I no longer have the option to import songs with a shared computer.